I’m a university student studying a Bachelor of IT (Computer Science) at QUT. I’m passionate about software, Linux, electronics, robotics and remote control aircraft/drones. I’m also involved in the Brisbane startup ecosystem and work for National Drones as their technical lead. I’m the current President of Code Network – Brisbane’s largest coding club.

Python and JavaScript are my favourite languages but I’m also familiar with C and Arduino flavoured C++.  I’d consider myself a jack of all trades when it comes to coding. I’m reasonably good at most aspects, whether that be dev ops, backend or front end. However, I’m definitely a little better at backend coding than the other things.

I can put together simple embedded electronics projects like IoT sensors, etc. I’ve got experience with raspberry pi’s, Arduino boards and the ESP8266 embedded IoT platform. I’ve made a few of my own IoT sensors and other devices.

If you want to find out more about what I do check out the links below:

LinkedIn – see my skills, experience and what I’m currently up to in a professional context.

Twitter – see my random ramblings from events, about news stories etc.

GitHub – I post nearly all the code I write on here. The only exception is some work and uni stuff.

Instagram – If you want to see heaps of cool pics of me around Brisbane check out my insta.


Cheers! ~ Jaimyn